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Thai Music/Thai Dance

Class Description

Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant world of Thai performances, where ancient traditions meet modern influences to create a harmonious tapestry of sound and movements. 

Traditional Thai Music: Experience the enchanting sounds of traditional Thai music, characterized by the delicate tones of instruments such as the khim, ranat, and saw duang. These ancient instruments, combined with intricate melodies and lyrical poetry, transport listeners to a bygone era of royal courts and cultural splendor.


Thai Dance: Celebrate the vibrant diversity of Thai culture through the colorful and energetic performances of Thai dance. We offer lively choreography, traditional music, and elaborate movements taught by an experienced teacher such as the “ramwong” and “fon leb” reflect the rich tapestry of regional customs and traditions across Thailand. 


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Thai Music /Thai Dance Class

Age Group:

From 4 years

Class Size:

1-5 PP

Fees Cost:

From 400 Bahts/Hr