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Studio for Rent

Studio For Rent

Looking for the perfect space to host your dance rehearsal, workshop, or event? Look no further than Life Learners studio! Our spacious and versatile dance studio is available for rent, providing the ideal setting for all your dance-related needs.

Unique Layout: Our dance studio boasts cosy and  funky space, allowing for freedom of movement and creativity. Whether you’re practicing choreography, hosting a dance workshop, or filming a dance video, our studio provides the room you need to bring your vision to life.

Full-Length Mirrors: Enhance your rehearsal experience with full-length mirrors lining the walls of our studio. Perfect for refining technique, practicing formations, and monitoring your progress, our mirrors ensure that every dancer can see their reflection and make adjustments as needed.

Dynamic Lighting Effects: Experience the power of dynamic lighting effects that will transform your dance studio into a mesmerizing performance space. Our lighting system features programmable LED lights, allowing you to create custom lighting sequences, color schemes, and effects to enhance the mood and ambiance of your dance session.

Affordability: We believe that access to quality dance space should be accessible to all, which is why we offer competitive rental rates and flexible pricing options. Our affordable rates make it easy to rent our studio without breaking the bank.

Book your session at Life Learners studio today and discover a unique and inspiring space to bring your dance vision to life! Contact us now to learn more about our rental options, availability, and booking process. Let’s make your dance dreams a reality!


Studio Gallery:


Studio For Rent

Age Group:

From 4 years

Class Size:

1-5 PP

Fees Cost:

From 400 Bahts/Hr