Pick a learning style that suits your child’s needs..

Continuous hands-on learning series

Project-based Course

Let us be a part of your child’s personal growth to face real-world challenges and experience essential life skills through English in a fun, practical and safe environment

  • Student-led project + a field trip
  • Based on interest of individuals or groups
  • Self-directed Learners research, plan, communicate and make their project happen using English and other fundamental subjects and skills
  • Natural English communication is constantly used
  • Twice weekdays or once a weekend (1- 2 months)
  • Limited number (maximum of 5 people per group)
  • Age 7-14

Student-led since day one! Learners find ways to explore their curiosity by applying IT skills to research and plan a learning process including an educational trip! They will learn the concept of time while planning itineraries and navigational skills when they go out to explore their ways including applying mathematical skills to calculate and minimise costs. They will learn to communicate, self-manage and solve problems at hands throughout their learning process. Finally the learners will learn to lead and follow and constantly reflect in order to develop a growth mindset.

A more flexible option

Growth Mindset Course

  • Develop English communication skills
  • Based on interest of individual or groups
  • Through play-based activities
  • Natural communication of English is encouraged
  • Facilitates both individuals or groups
  • Age 5-15

Supported learning

Personalised individual course

  • Individualised Education plans
  • Provide support for ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • Everyday life English is encouraged
  • Age 5-15


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